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Our mission is to provide easy and trusted access to German horses – the right dressage horse, show-jumping horse, eventing horse for you or simply a great all-round and family horse. We are based in the UK, German and English native speakers with an extensive network and over 20 years' experience in the German horse world. We know the German horse market, understand cultural differences and have no language barriers – we can build the bridge.

Why Choose German Horses?

Germany has the most successful and sustainable sport, riding horse and pony breeding in the world, supported by strict rules and regulations to ensure premium quality. A long-standing tradition and strong passion for their horses distinguish breeders and studs in Germany, be it for sport horses or any other special breed.

schwaiganger MArbach

Equestrian Sports and Breeding in Germany

Equestrian Services


Our services are designed to make your life easy and to allow you to make the most of the experience.

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Equestrian Buying Process

Buying Process

Buying a horse from Germany is rewarding and easier than you may think.

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Equestrian Services


International Equestrian Services is the official UK partner to the oldest and largest state stud in Germany Marbach State Stud.

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