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International Equestrian Services is the official UK partner to the oldest and largest state stud in Germany ‘Marbach State Stud’.

Welcome to International Equestrian Services Limited.
Our mission is to provide easy and trusted access to German horses – the right dressage horse, show-jumping horse, eventing horse for you or simply a great all-round and family horse. 

We are based in the UK, German and English native speakers with an extensive network and over 20 years’ experience in the German horse world.  We know the German horse market, understand cultural differences and have no language barriers – We can build the bridge.

We offer a variety of services around the purchase of a horse making it a very easy and convenient experience.

It is easy…
Buying a horse from Germany is rewarding and easier than you may think....

Choosing your Horse 
  • We provide you with a selection of horses against your requirements
  • Arrange appointments for you to view and ride the horses of interest 

  • Can be arranged several times a day – to get to our main partner stud from Heathrow can be quicker and cheaper than travelling from London to Manchester
  • We organise as much of your travel arrangements as required or will arrange personal tour (allowing you to relax and concentrate on your horse purchase)
Around the horse
  • UK recognised international vetting can be organised and be cross-checked by your own vet if preferred
  • We can support with contractual documentation, translation (if necessary), legal, insurance etc.
  • Transport: We can arrange to get your horse home with the necessary documentation
After-Sales Service
  • We offer a helpline and are always keen on hearing how you get on with your horse
  • We can arrange for training in the UK or any other help and advice you may need
Further details under Services .  
Why a horse from Germany?
  • German horses have been the most successful in dressage, show-jumping, eventing and driving since modern equine sports started in the 1950s
  • The strict breeding regulations, the stallion and mare licencing for studbook registrations are key to ensure sustainability and top quality horses – now and in future
  • Top stallions are easily accessible for breeders in Germany – breeding has reached a high standard and a large variety of top quality horses are available on all levels leading to competitive pricing
  • High standards (based on the “classic guidelines”) in breeding, rearing and training of horses ensures horses of outstanding performance, looks, rideability, sound health and pleasant characters
Horse buyers will find outstanding value for money, for family horses up to international Grand Prix horses.
Who we work with
We are proud to be the official UK partner of Germany’s oldest and largest state stud ‘Marbach State Stud’.  As a government stud, Marbach’s priority is the wellbeing of their horses.  They will always support buyers find the right horse, also using their extensive network in the German horse community which includes private breeders and Olympic riders.  Together with our contacts, we have access to a very large variety of horses. 
It is worth mentioning that horse breeding and rearing, for example with Marbach State Stud is an attractive alternative to rearing a young horse in the UK.  You will get top quality at again very attractive pricing.  Please read more under ‘a different concept’.
Additional Services
For equine businesses, studs or breeders in Germany, we offer translations into English and business development & marketing support if they wish to expand into international markets.
If you feel inspired to learn more about the German horse world, here is a noteworthy article issued by the FN (equivalent to the British Equestrian Federation):
Courtesy of and copyright: FN - Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung e.V., Warendorf)
At Marbach's State Riding School (photo: Marbach Archive)