Marbach State Stud

The State Studs have been the pillars of German horse breeding throughout the centuries; keepers of the heritage of German horses, from the working horse to the modern sport horse.

With over 500 years history of horse breeding dating back to 1514, ‘Marbach State Stud’ is the oldest of Germany’s famous ‘State Studs’.  Over 2500 acres of land and more than 180 historic buildings belong to the stud, located in a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site in Southwest Germany.

Marbach has around 60 stallions for breeders on offer and is home to about 50 mares.  In its ‘nursery’ Marbach State Stud rears about 250 foals and young horses under perfect conditions per year.  In a playful way, the young horses learn to be handled by people based on trust and acceptance.  Marbach is responsible for stallion and mare licensing for studbook registration.  Around 80 horses per year are tested on performance and character according to strict regulation and defined breeding goals.

Originally founded as a private stud, Marbach Stud was soon established as Court and State Stud to the aristocracy and the King.  Marbach State Stud is now owned by the State of Baden-Württemberg.

The purpose of the stud has remained the same; to provide the country with high quality horses.  As a State Stud, Marbach remains committed to preserve its precious 500 years heritage including old warmblood lines, Trakehner, Marbach’s famous Arabian horses and the local heavy horse.

Throughout history, the focus has naturally shifted from military and farming horses to the successful sports horses of today.  Marbach has been particularly successful providing world class eventing, dressage and show jumping horses.  “Sam” a Marbach reared horse ridden by Michael Jung taking Olympic Gold (2012 and 2016) in eventing, demonstrates Marbach State Stud’s capabilities. In cooperation with the breeding association a tailored breeding programme for eventing horses has been established.  Please read more under ‘Eventing’.

The beautiful location of the stud combined with its modern facilities allow Marbach to host the Marbach International Eventing CIC*** amongst many other exciting events, shows and competitions every year.

Marbach’s annual Auction of young horses and its ‘Stud Show’ remain two important dates in the calendar, attracting a wide audience from Germany and abroad.  If you enjoy classical music, the ‘Marbach Classics’ horse show accompanied by a classic orchestra is highly recommendable.

The State Riding and Driving Academies offer training for amateurs and professionals (with certifications) all year.

Marbach State Stud horses - foal by Laurel - photo C. Gille

Why Marbach State Stud

500 years experience in horse breeding, rearing and training

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'Sir Nymphenburg' (photo M Schreiner)


Dressage horse breeding has developed from finest original Trakehner bloodlines at Marbach

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Eventing at Marbach


Marbach runs a unique Eventing breeding programme based on the success of Olympic horses

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show jumping

Show Jumping

A number of excellent show jumping stallions and their offspring are available at Marbach

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'Sir Nymphenburg' and 'Lemberger'


Discover the different breeds and learn more about the licensing of stallions and mares

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Stallion 'Markstein'  (photo O Seitz)

Black Forest Heavy Horse

Black Forest horses are a truly versatile eye-catchers for riding, driving and working, with outstandingly nice personalities.

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Arabian stallions at Marbach State Stud

Arabian Horse

The Arabian Thoroughbreds at Marbach are now the oldest uninterrupted direct bloodlines of Original Arabian Horses worldwide

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Driving can also be learnt at the State Riding and Driving Schools of Marbach (Photo M Schreiner)


The Stud and the State Riding & Driving Schools are centres of competence for any equine related topic offering courses for amateurs and professionals.

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